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Network Reminder is a multi-user tool that allows you to set alarms or run programs at a specified
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26 September 2008

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While working in any organization you need to share the information about the events, meetings, etc. At times it becomes hard to share the information easily as you need to send the mails or have the notices distributed to everyone. Now you can have the informing process carried out with ease with the Network Reminder 1.1. It supports storing and managing the tasks and reminders, and putting them on the network so that all the required people could see it. It is made possible through its support for remote access through FTP/HTTP. You can also have the reminder set that are one time, weekly, monthly or yearly.

Network Reminder 1.1 enables to put the reminder relating any event or meeting on the network to share with others in an easy manner. Having the small screen to work on the software is capable of performing the work efficiently. You can easily add the new reminder and set its features like date, type, occurrence, and the message. When you add the required reminders, they are shown listed on the screen so that you can have the check whether all the required reminders are there. Delete and edit the reminder according to your requirements. The software supports the multi-user mode so that everyone can access the reminder and the data through LAN, HTTP and FTP. It also has the AutoSort option and different improvement features. You can have the data protected with the strong method 256 bit AES for encryption. It has the ability to execute the programs and show the reminder on the set date. The options are easily configuration by the user for changing the processing of the program.

The software Network Reminder 1.1 is capable of distributing the reminder to all people on LAN, internet, or intranet. The rating point has been set at 4 on the scale of 5 for the friendly user interface and the help that it provides to users in spreading the information to the required people.

Publisher's description

Network Reminder is a powerful program for storage and management of tasks and reminders. Unlike similar desktop programs, it supports the multi-user mode. Support of remote access via FTP/HTTP is included.
This tool is useful for enterprises and groups of users. Network Reminder helps employees to share reminders about important events and commands within the company. You can set reminders on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or one-time basis.
Network Reminder offers useful log files, strong protection of your data and a clear, user-friendly interface. Work together easily with our software!
Network Reminder
Network Reminder
Version 1.2
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